Creating a blog on the classics

This is our passion. The world has given us gifts, and it is my endeavour now to explore and share my thoughts on the wonderful treasure of literature that has been handed down to us over the last 3000 years. The world today has many problems, but we do live in a time that is abundant with literary wisdom and beauty that has been written down by all those before us. My mission with this blog is simply to indulge, enjoy and make sense of the classics, and discuss how they can help us understand the world we live in today.

My interest in the classics began in 2011 after reading the book ‘How to read a book’ by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren. As well as providing excellent information on how to get the most out of book, I was inspired by the reading list at the back of the book, that contains many of the classics of the western world. I started right at the beginning of the list with The Iliad by Homer, which I began reading on Christmas Day 2011. Since then, I have jumped into different eras and subjects; from the epic poems, to philosophy, plays, novels, and theological works as well. Whilst I thoroughly believe that reading the classics helps enormously with personal growth and an understanding of the world, I have loved being on this journey, and am truly in awe at the number of classics that are still to be read. It is my greatest passion in life.

I will write up my notes on the books I have finished reading and also offer general advice and discussions on reading the classics, and again, how they help us understand and act in the world we live in today.

I am very keen of course to hear from and connect with other enthusiasts of classic literature. This blog is solely created and written out of love, not for any ambitious goal or project. I hope that my love for the classics shines throughout this blog, and helps people discover their own interest and passion in reading the masterpieces of the literary world.

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