Happy Easter to you All!

Just a quick blog post today, to say a very Happy Easter to all who visit my blog, whatever part of the world you are from!

The weather has been and is surprisingly lovely in southern England, and I hope that despite the struggles with the world right now, you are safe, well and as happy as can be.

I’ve been finding some time over the weekend to continue reading in the sun, which is such a joy isn’t it! I am currently enjoying Nana and looking forward to reading more of it.

I’ve been flicking a lot through The Penguin Classics Book by Henry Eliot, which is killing me with inspiration! I thoroughly recommend getting a copy if you can, although it’s greatly making me want to tear up my 360 book reading plan, and start a much greater one! If only I had the time! Eliot states in the book that if you read 50 pages a day (a dream), it would probably take 27 years to read every book in The Penguin Classics Book! Oh well, got to start somewhere I guess!

Again, hope you are all well, and enjoying this Easter weekend! Back soon!

A photo of mine I took years ago of the village of Bibury in Gloucestershire

14 thoughts on “Happy Easter to you All!

  1. Happy Easter, Pete! πŸ™‚ I’m loving the weather as well. I’m in the Deep South in the States. We’ve had some beautiful sunny days here as well. Lots of cheerful squirrels and curious birds. My pantry is all stocked up, & I’m safely tucked inside. I’ve been reading W.E.B. Du Bois’s Black Reconstruction in America, but for my “fun” read, I just completed Alison Weir’s latest novel on Anna of Kleve. RIVETING. Today I’m beginning the essay Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Enjoy this day.


    1. Happy Easter Jillian! Glad to hear the weather is good in the Deep South! How is that Alison Weir novel? I have a hardback copy of an earlier Alison Weir novel called A Dangerous Inheritance, but I still haven’t read it many years later. It’s officially not on my reading list, but I absolutely will read it at some stage.


      1. I haven’t read A Dangerous Inheritance yet, but I have it on my list. I adore Weir’s books! Her novel on Anna of Kleve was my favorite in the series so far. It was so full of detail & intrigue! I expected to prefer the Boleyn one (which was also excellent) but I found the story of Anna really compelling. πŸ™‚

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  2. A very Happy Easter to you, Pete! I enjoyed the lovely picture of the village of Bibury. May the Lord bless you and yours and a prayer for peace one earth, good will to men.


  3. Hi Pete! A minor note: I wanted to see if you were on social media anywhere (I’m mildly considering joining social media but haven’t made up my mind) & found you on flickr. My goodness, your photography is LOVELY. I am especially taken with this image. Man alive, that is gorgeous. I share an interest in history with you, & also minored in the subject at college. My major was English (literary concentration).

    Anyway, as I can see photography is a large part of who you are, I wanted to put in a word for your talent. Looking at some of your photographs was sheer magic and uplifted my mood. You are an artist.

    I can see pictures within my mind but lack the equipment to bring them to life. I’m not on Flickr or anything but do have an interest in photography (not backed by evidence or education.) I have similar interest in painting but can only produce mud pies. πŸ˜›

    I also just listened to a couple of your songs on youtube. SUPERB.

    (I hope it’s okay to have Googled you. ‘Twas a sincere search for your Instagram or whatever, to see if you were out there. I didn’t find links here, lol. If it’s a problem feel free to delete this comment.)

    You should share your photgraphs here to go along with your book posts. ❀


    1. Hi Jillian! Thank you very much for your kind words, I’m flattered! Yes, I have been posting some of my photography for the last 10 years and had several blogs that began and ended, though I think one of them is still out there. I posted a few of my photos on Flickr, though I haven’t really kept it up over the last couple of years, although I haven’t travelled much in that time either. Most of my recent work has been architecture and interior design. I’m really thrilled you like my work and particularly my civil war battle scene, it is a particular favourite of mine as well.

      Thanks for listening to my songs as well, I haven’t put many on Youtube (it takes soooo long) but glad you found the few that are on there!

      To be honest, I’m not very savvy with social media. My favourite site is Twitter, as there are a lot of ‘book people’ on there, but I don’t post as often as I intend. The thing is, everything I do is driven by inspiration, I don’t do anything because I feel I should. So I should post more often on social media, but I just don’t get the inspiration too.

      With regards to photography, if you are interested in it, just get a camera and do it. Honestly, I started from absolute zero experience or technique (as you can see from my Flickr stream) and just went from there. Taking more and more photos will be what makes you better at it, rather than any book or guide you read. You will start to see certain things that most people miss.

      I will think about posting more pictures on this blog, as I did for my Easter post. What is strange is I actually developed a love for classic books around the same time I became interested in photography, but honestly the idea never occurred to me to start a classic literature blog, I had no idea people were doing it! And I see now so many people in the classic community have had blogs for many years, and I can’t believe I never thought about looking for them. But everything and everyone has their own time to begin something, as I said, I am driven by inspiration.

      Thanks again, it’s really nice to be told one is an artist, and I have always had to have a creative outlet in my life, in whatever form. And I will keep going! πŸ™‚


      1. The thing is, everything I do is driven by inspiration, I don’t do anything because I feel I should.

        I am EXACTLY the same. I don’t quite fit into the social media / blogging world because I go through waves of inspiration and extroversion, & waves of silence, solitude, and contemplation. And when I’m feeling quiet I very much want to close up all my little social channels and burrow in with my books.

        I recently took a trip to Washington, Monticello, etc, & caught some pictures of the landscape on my little camera. I’m not up to your talent, nor is my equipment πŸ™‚ but I can see that just wandering the world and capturing what I see is exactly the way to do it.

        My “art” is creative writing. I was drawn to literature because I was first drawn to writing, & I was drawn to history because I was drawn to literature. I wanted to “see” the world from which the people in old books wrote, & I found that world nearly as interesting as the works themselves.

        But as I share your “when inspired” philosophy, I’m afraid I haven’t done anything professional with my writing. So far it is a place for me to imagine and create, free of outside expectation or input.

        These days, I’m pulling to historical biography, to learn of the people who imperfectly wandered our history & tried to capture it in art (writing, painting, photographs, essays, poetry.) Of course my interest far outweighs my reading time. πŸ™‚ So I haven’t learned much yet.

        In your work I see joy, & that joy is so needed in our world. I have been feeling sad today (I’ve been watching the 1915 silent film The Birth of a Nation merely to see what history championed a hundred years ago), and it’s brought me down far more than I anticipated. Your works, full of color and electricity, made me smile. It is good to be reminded of how beautiful our world and our seeing eye can be, if only we’ll look. πŸ™‚

        Cheers, Pete!


      2. Well, all I can say is, thanks again for your kind words. I’m glad you find joy and colour (sorry, we spell that word differently! :)) in my work, it really is a joy to hear. I have not seen The Birth of a Nation, but I am familiar with the subject matter of it, and can understand why it would bring you down.

        Writing is my creative medium of choice right now. What I love about it is you don’t need a great technological process to do it. Just a word processor, or even a pen and paper. Silly as it sounds, I lose my creative energy when the technology makes it difficult to accomplish, which happens with both digital photography (when processing pictures on a computer) and recording music as well. They both can be frustrating processes, which have both for whatever reason (usually ‘updates’) made it difficult for me to complete my creative vision. Writing does not hold me back though, there isn’t anything that prevents it being completed.

        I wish you great luck with your writing and have fun taking pictures! I think our philosophies on acting on inspiration is the correct way to live. I believe that is where real happiness is. It is frustrating of course, because paths taken can become incomplete, and uncertainty is rife, I struggle with knowing still what I really want to do, but I always come back to the thought of not forcing anything. There is too much misery and struggle in trying to be or attain something. Happiness is not needing to acquire or be anything. The road will be what it will be, but trust God, trust yourself and trust inspiration, that’s what I say.

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  4. Thank you, Pete! And good luck to you as well. I so agree that writing is lovely for being as possible on paper as it is on computer. An ageless past-time, requiring nothing but imagination, a point of view, and time.

    I love your final line above. x

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    1. I hope I’m not a pest, but I wanted you to know I showed your photographs to my mother last night and she was grinning ear to ear. Her dearest hobby is photography & she’s always lacked the time.

      We looked at every one, & she singled out this one as we were scrolling. “Stop there. Oh, wow (pause). Black and white is the perfect choice on that.” She also absolutely loved the bridges and the Civil War shots. She commented on how fast the shutter speed must have been to capture the musket’s discharge and all the smoke. Then we discussed taking photographs after the quarantine is over, & she started looking through her own pictures. She agrees with me that your work is joyful & says you’re extremely good.

      Just wanted you to know you gave her joy. She’s a very calm & even-tempered person, not particularly emotionally demonstrative, but I could see her emotions go up as she viewed your work. πŸ™‚


      1. No worries Jillian, I’m really glad your mother likes my photographs too! Yes, I remember that black and white Houses of Parliament shot, it was taken on a photography group walk hosted by a Texan photographer (and a great one) called Trey Ratcliff.

        Shutter speeds normally work quite fast in daylight, but luck is a massive ingredient as well. I remember seeing that shot on the back of my camera and thinking (especially regarding the musket fire) ‘got it!’. You just have to take lots of pictures, you would never time a shot like that perfectly if you tried.

        Anyway, comment whenever you like, I’m really happy as I re-read your comment to see it brought joy to your mother, it’s so nice to hear πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m late to the party, but…I’m interested in that The Penguin Classics Book! I will definitely check it out.

    Don’t give up your original list, though, bc there will always be new book lists that will tempt you to start anew. Anyway, you probably are already reading books off of the Penguin Books list. So you’re killing two birds w/ one stone.


    1. First of all, the party is always ongoing here, so you’re never late!! πŸ™‚

      I am not giving up on my original list, don’t worry it will remain in its place. It is tricky though, as I said, there is so much inspiration in The Penguin Classics Book, and even over the last few days I have discovered many titles that I would really love to read. I literally have no more room on my bookcase and shelves anyway, and I have moved books and rearranged them several times. So, I’m going through the books I have on my shelf at the moment anyway, and they are all on my 360 list.


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